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[EN] This song is about the legends linked to the star Alwaid, which forms the eye of the constellation of the dragon. At dusk you can see the star appear in the sky; the dragon awakes and its oneiric aura slowly takes over the world as if the dragon was breathing dreams upon it.


[FR] Cette chanson parle de l’étoile Alwaid, qui forme l’œil de la constellation du dragon, et des légendes qui y sont liées : la nuit à peine tombée, on commence à voir l’étoile s’allumer - le dragon s’éveille et son influence fantasmagorique va peu à peu prendre possession du monde comme s’il l’enveloppait de son souffle.


The world's awake

The stars are quivering in the sky

The mountains shake

An echo's coming from the dawn of time

Gliding away

With tortuous windings, round and round

A yellow flame

Keeps watch when stars are falling down



The nebulous star in the Dragon's eye

Circles round the golden fruits of the North

He holds the axis of the world in his folds

The Old Serpent wakes


Alghavil Altannin

Cast a comet to the earth

Alghavil Altannin


He rears his head over Heaven

He distils poison all over the world

Immense and slow as he wanders

(The) eternal vigil in the cosmic river




I'm the one who is to be destroyed

Altannin, united with the void

The Dragon dreams - Drama of Creation

Hear my scream - Silent revelation


Way up on high is the one who's been slain

Slain a thousand times yet immortal in the sky

Devouring the stars, a dark omen when the moon cries


Drink of his waters and you'll face

Consciousness in his embrace

Denying you all rest

See with a new lucidity

Senses brought to ecstasy

(A) glimpse of reality

Alghavil Altannin

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