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"In general, the music is quite heavy and singer Marie has a very nice voice. Fortunately, she is not such a squeaky soprano (you know what I mean), but she has a strong voice with a good range. (...) These are the first steps of this band outside of France. Not all songs are equally strong, but it is certainly not an unpleasant acquaintance. 70/100"

(Full review on, January 2018)

​"the album has lots to take in (...) to other chaotic masses, logic, and decay matters that engulfs everything at will, creating a rather complex tale with so much more to tell, it is more of a journey than anything else. (...) In terms of the music though, it is very comforting, having rather appealing beats, that draw you in, the vocalization being very driven with the music not that far behind, that the two together pretty much create an enchanting source of power and melody. In short, The Machine and the Beast, captures everything you could ever want from a melodic metal act"

(Full review on, January 2018)

"Within the typical female Fronted Metal event a brand-new, still unexplored pearl has emerged that should not be inferior to any band within the genre. More than that, the global metal enthusiast who loves dark, mythical trips through previously mentioned fairytale and equally dark forests will certainly find this in this concept."

(Full review in Dutch), January 2018

"The first thing that impresses me is how the band has put the thematic facet richness into the music very successfully. (...) Here is somehow everything from ALWAID in it: calm balladeske moments, fast and hard force outbursts and plenty of orchestral elements. And always in the middle of the point of the singing of an impressive singer."

(Full review in German and English) Dark Metal Radio, August 2017

"Alwaid perfectly renewed their winning formula of “Lacus…” and yet improving it by making it heavier, bolder, faster and darker. In a time where a lot of FFM bands water down their metal with post-processing or an overuse of keyboards putting the guitars in the back burner, Alwaid brings them upfront. The result? Something that makes you feel like riding in the Valley of Death on a Unicorn from Hell and slashing an army of orcs with your mighty axe. France, slowly but surely, is joining the elite club of FFM bands and Alwaid is certainly the challenger you want to keep an eye on. Rightfully, it merits the June “album of the month”."

(Full review on, June 2017)


ALWAID (demo)  


(En français)

French Metal, novembre 2012



April 2016 - Quinphonic Fest 2

"The crowd was already anticipating the set, I think most of them already knew what was coming. However no one could’ve predicted such a storm of a set. Alwaid walked on stage like they owned the place and burst into one hell of a set, despite the fact the band had been traveling from France overnight. Playing massive tunes off of their album Lacus Somniorum such as ‘Hei! Aa-Shanta Nygh!’ and ‘In The Darkness of Daylight’. The whole set had that it factor that just put them over the top. Every instrument and the vocals came through as clear as crystal and sounded great. I was too busy rocking out to notice the actual stage performance but from the glimpses I caught, Marie and Max were very much the centre of the show whilst the rest of the band played around them. All of their songs got massive responses, the band had nearly finished when the crowd insisted on one more song, when in fact we got two more. Again showing their popularity. This was one hell of a set and for many the height of the day." (full review on


"After a changeover it was time for Alwaid. This isn’t the first time they’ve performed here in the UK and they really brought their A game. Symphonic metal regularly sees the use of “beauty and the beast” style vocals and Alwaid utilises this style to perfection. Also, their lead vocalist Marie showcased her amazing ability to perform both growling vocals and clean singing. Not many vocalists can do that and do it well but she did so here. All in all Alwaid were fantastic this evening and this metalhead is looking forward to their next show in Birmingham." (full review on midlandsmetalheads)


24 Nov. 2014, Valkyrian Fest (Bridlington - UK)         0


24 mai 2013, North Invasion Fest ( Lille - FR)              0 heavy sound webzine

                                                                                             0 french metal

17 mars 2012, Le Bateau Ivre (Mons - BE)                    0


December 2017 -  “Dies Irae” show on the RUN (Namur) – Interview + acoustic showcase (fr)

June 2017 - Power of (en)

October 2015 - Battlehelm (en)

July 2014 - ArchivoMetal (en)

May 2014 – All Rock Station  (fr)

April 2014 – « Dies Irae », Radio Namuroise Interuniversitaire (fr)

April 2014 - Black Phenix Rising Metal Forum (en)

March 2012 - Magic Fire Music website (fr)



14 December 2017, "Dies Irae", sur la RUN (Namur) - Interview

            When giants wake, Idle Riddles and Rhymes, Sang Noir

20 January 2014, "Female Fronted Symphonic Rock and Metal Show" on AiiRadio

            Advice from a Caterpillar


3 March 2014, "Female Fronted Symphonic Rock and Metal Show" on AiiRadio

            The Scream that no one Heard


24 March 2014, "Riff d'Enfer", sur RQC (Mouscron) - Interview

            Alghavil Altannin, The Scream that no one Heard, Dead of Night, Lacus Somniorum


17 April 2014, "Dies Irae", sur la RUN (Namur) – Interview (on Youtube)

            Alghavil Altannin, Hei ! Aa-shanta ‘Nygh !, Lacus Somniorum, Asphodels, Dead of Night


30 April 2014, "Riff Eater", on Radio Boomerang (Roubaix) – Interview

            Alghavil Altannin, In the Darkness of Daylight, The Scream that no one Heard, Lacus Somniorum


30 April 2014, All Rock Station - Interview (on Soundcloud)

            Dead of Night, In the Darkness of Daylight


19 May 2014 - "Riff d'Enfer", on RQC (Mouscron)

            The Garden of Cyrus


26 May 2014, “Women of Metal Radio Show” on

            The Scream that no one Heard


La Grosse Radio 

            The Scream that no one heard


21 May 2015, "Dies Irae", RUN 88.1 fm (Namur) – Interview + live unplugged showcase (stream online)

           Hei! Aa Shanta 'Nygh!, In the Darkness of Daylight, Asphodels

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