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PowerPlay Mag 166 - June 2014


    “Alwaid are a French power/prog metal band. They have a bit of a symphonic touch here and there, too. Fronted by Marie (if she has a surname, then she’s keeping it to herself), they alternate between a female fronted Iron Maiden (cerca ‘Seventh Son’) and a more Epica style sound.

       In addition to Marie’s vocals, the band also employ a grunter, though I really don’t know why, as Marie is more than capable of carrying the music herself, she has a great voice. The band have produced a great album; top tracks would have to be the unusually titled ‘Hei! Aa-Shan’t A Nygh!’, the power metal of ‘The Dreaming’ and the more proggy ‘The Cypress Grove’.

     Alwaid have produced a very strong and varied debut. You should check them out and keep an eye on them.”

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