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[EN] This song tells of a metaphorical journey to the abode of Hypnos, god of sleep. The protagonist suffers from insomnia and begs the god to let them fall asleep. This journey takes us through the Field of the Asphodel, mythical otherworld where the souls of the dead gather and, breathing in the flowers' essence, forget their past lives and sink into eternal slumber.


[FR] Cette chanson raconte un voyage métaphorique vers la demeure d’Hypnos, le dieu du sommeil, par une personne qui souffre d’insomnie et supplie le dieu de lui accorder de s’endormir. Ce voyage passe par la Prairie des Asphodèles, l’au-delà mythique où se retrouvent les âmes des morts qui, en respirant le parfum des fleurs, oublient leur vie passée et sombrent dans un engourdissement éternel.


Far have I wandered

Down to the edge of life, where forgetfulness dwells

There I'll find a place, my place of rest


I walked till the world grew dim

Where silence and twilight shadows reign

Ghostly flowers of pallid beauty

The scent of the asphodels

I walked by the elm tree

False dreams clinging under every leaf

With the unburied souls I waited

In the field of the asphodels



Oh, Hypnos in land of Erebos

Beyond the gates of Rising Sun

Unleash the dark-winged Oneiroi

Let flow the waters of Oblivion

Oh Hypnos in land of Erebos

Hear my silent supplication

Rise in the night

Grant me the peace that I long for !


I came to a place of gloom

A cave in a hollow mountain side

Standing before its mouth I stopped and picked up

A pale asphodel

He lay on a drowsy bed

Surrounded by empty shapes

Can you smell the intoxicating essence

Of the asphodel?


            Do you envy those numb and dumb soulless ragdolls?

            Hope freely I’ll bestow somnolence upon thee.


I'm denied, I have tried to find a way to Elysium

So now, please provide a merciful spell, your sweet opium




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