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[EN] Inspired by Arnold Böcklin's painting The Island of the Dead: there is an island at sunset and Charon, guiding spirit of the dead, leads a small boat towards (or is it away from?) the island. A departed soul is standing in the boat and contemplating the sharp cliffs and high cypresses exhaling loneliness and oppression. This song is about this fear that any sleep may be the last.


[FR] Inspiré du tableau L’Ile des Morts d’Arnold Böcklin, qui représente une île au coucher du soleil vers laquelle se dirige (ou bien s’éloigne-t-elle ?) une embarcation conduite par Charon, le guide des morts. Debout dans le bateau, un défunt dans son linceul regarde vers les rochers escarpés et les hauts cyprès de l’île, qui donnent à l’ambiance un parfum de solitude et d’oppression. La chanson symbolise l’angoisse que chaque sommeil puisse devenir le dernier.



"Sleep is a death, O make me try
By sleeping, what it is to die,
And as gently lay my head
On my grave, as now my bed." (Sir Thomas Browne)


Eyelids heavy, and limbs at rest

A murmur of stone-black waters

Invites to slumber through the waves

On a last journey, never to return


Chains are broken. You’re forsaken.

Lie and pray, you are here to stay

Sigh and stray into darkest ways

This is where the true journey begins.


Vision, naked horizon

A dream picture slowly appears

Motionless isle of solid soul

Crowned with cypress trees, where I'm bound to be



There is not a sound, all voices are gone

Dark clouds of despair colliding above

Soon I'll be walking in the cypress grove


Nevermore will I leave these shores

Nevermore will I pass these doors

I'm left to gather invisible dreams in the midst of ghosts



Precipitous cliffs are closing in on me

I'm facing the gate, dressed in snow white robe

Will I find haven in the cypress grove?



Now I lie awake in the shades of dawn

When the day's over, again shall I know

Ephemeral sleep in the cypress grove

The Cypress Grove

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