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[EN] This song is about the Dream Time from the myths of Australia. They say the world was born out of the dreams of the gods, and traces of these stories are still to be found in the wild ; nothing comes from chance, the world is full of signs from the origin, but you need to be vigilant in order to see and understand them.


[FR] Cette chanson parle du Temps du Rêve de la mythologie aborigène australienne, qui veut que le monde ait été rêvé par les dieux, et des traces de ces histoires peuvent être retrouvées dans la nature : rien n’est dû au hasard, le monde est empli de signes des origines que l’œil à l’affût peut repérer et déchiffrer.



Every man beholds the earth and his birth with wonder.

In such a design, is there neither rhyme nor reason ?


A spark was born of the dark,

The ancient voices awoke and began to dream,

Stories down from the stars,

The seven sisters descended and began to sing,

Past and future are but one thread that they spin.


As it is above, so it is below.

Sink deeper and deeper, down to the underworld

Nature is an altar, a thousand rhymes entangled


Should you decypher the signs, and read the lines in the sand,

You'll see shimmering seeds engraved

And the Serpent's eggs bloom in your hands.



Seek the hollow earth

When the wind whispers,

When the Crow can speak

And answer all riddles,

When the Cross is high

In the Southern sky,

Should you think, you'll find a tale in every thing

Can we make sense out of chance ?

that orchestrates our existence ?


We are the creators,

We are mimes, and shape-shifters.



The Dreaming

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