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[EN] Inspired from H.P. Lovecraft's novella The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. The hero can travel at will to the Dreamlands, a perillous yet fascinating world which he prefers to dull reality. He launches on a quest to find a marvelous city that holds all the dearest memories from his childhood, but eventually encounters an evil god, the Crawling Chaos, and won't escape him unless he accepts to wake up.


[FR] Inspirée de la nouvelle d’H.P. Lovecraft, La Quête Onirique de Kadath l’Inconnue. Le héros peut passer à son gré dans les Contrées du Rêve et préfère ce monde dangereux mais fascinant à la réalité, trop morne à son goût. Il part en quête d’une cité merveilleuse qui rassemble tous les souvenirs nostalgiques de son enfance, mais rencontre au bout du compte un dieu maléfique, le Chaos Rampant, et ne peut lui échapper qu’en acceptant de se réveiller.


Tired of a life of ever-gray, weary of the daily taste of clay,

Late at night I shiver in my bed, a call from beyond resonates...


An old silver key leads the way,

I’ll lose myself in the dark

And leave my name behind.

Anxious to lay down the weight ;

We’re all but transient shapes

Soon after I’ve buried sense

I may rise and forsake my home

In a quest for the unknown

Towers of wondrous blue

Spires of frightening hue

I know my dream city’s waiting for me



Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! Enter through the gate of deeper slumber

Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! Your heart vacillates, impending danger

Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! Will you dare to face the nameless horror?

Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! Fly on the wings of aether’s winds


I sailed over red twilight seas

From gaunt mountains and gloom

To the dark side of the moon

Night’s rushing in my veins

Wars and warnings in vain

To find the gods, I may die but I’ll reign




(The) Crawling chaos’s haunting my mind                

Malicious night

Labyrinths and ruins where I’m blind            

Kadath draws near

(The) Crawling chaos’s haunting my mind

Wings and shapes on luminous clouds

Labyrinths and ruins where I’m blind             

Song of the spheres

(The) Crawling chaos’s haunting my mind

I fall like a star from the sky

All my wishes tore me apart

Hei! Aa-shanta 'Nygh!

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