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[EN] This song is about the dryness of modernity, where the world is a system and each person a piece of the machine, where emotions are stifled and the dreamer is crushed by mechanical men. It tells of the importance of the imagination, compared to a lake out of which dreams and fancy are born and let you escape, through the creation of tales, poems and stories that give shape and substance to man's wildest desires.


[FR] Ce morceau parle de l’aridité du monde moderne comme système où chacun n’est qu’un engrenage, où les émotions n’ont plus leur place, où le rêveur est écrasé par l’homme-machine. La chanson rappelle l’importance de l’imagination, comparée à un lac d’où surgissent les songes, et son pouvoir d’évasion, notamment par l’écriture de contes, poèmes, récits, qui permettent de donner forme aux désirs les plus fous.


Welcome to Horologium

City of brass and iron

You’re a cog in the machine

Round goes the wheel!

Welcome to Horologium

Men of steel and clouds of steam

Don’t touch anyone’s skin

For fear of feeling!


What if chimaeras are real

In a lake of dreams?


Clocks are no friends to man

The stream of life’s ticking away

There’s no getting off this train

Before the end!

Trilling sounds upon the roofs

The soft shift of sand upon sand

Dip your pen, maybe we can

Defeat concrete.


What if chimaeras are real

In a lake of dreams?

Waiting for us to yield

For us to believe



Queen Mab’s whispering

In the poet’s ear

Chase the circus escapee

Track the golden trail of mystery


Never lay down your quill

Whenever you’re out of rhyme

Just write for the sake of words

Let (the) tables turn!

Build new castles in the air

Soft pillows make the strongest forts

Tiger, tiger burning bright

Outshine daylight!


What if chimaeras were real

In a lake of dreams?




Lacus Somniorum

Lacus Somniorum

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