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[EN] A song inspired from the movie Lovely Bones which tells the story of a 14-year-old girl, murdered by her neighbour, whose soul remains in the in-between of the afterlife, witnessing her murderer as he escapes the police and seeing her family struggle to cope with their loss. The song tells of this lingering presence, absent though not gone, prisonner from the inner world of her memories and who will only be free when all danger is over.


[FR] Inspiré du film Lovely Bones qui raconte l’histoire d’une adolescente de 14 ans, assassinée par un voisin, qui depuis l’au-delà regarde son meurtrier échapper à la justice, et sa famille affronter le deuil. La chanson raconte cette présence qui s’attarde, absente sans être vraiment partie, prisonnière d’un monde intérieur issu de ses souvenirs et qui ne pourra s’en échapper que quand tout danger aura disparu.


Young Susie was just fourteen

Full of hopes and full of dreams

Fascinated with life, she’d capture

Moments before they’re gone, take pictures.

How could she have known a man

Would rob her of her future?

Lure her beneath the earth forever

To quench his thirst for youth and slaughter.



He took it all away

She’s drifting alone in her own perfect world

Where linger the echoes of her scream

The scream that no one heard.


Watching from the in-between

Each night dreaming the same dream

She sees her bearings falling apart

Glass vessels wrecked and lost and shattered

May there be a way out,

A bleak beacon in the dark?

To escape a snow-globe of sorrow

But her soft heart’s afraid, she can’t go.


She’s a draft in the rain, she’s a whisper in vain

Pictures on a wall of tears are all that remains.




A sea of light, promise of Heaven

But she can’t abide, her murderer’s watching again

Can she protect from pain?

Her sister’s his new prey.



The Scream that no one Heard

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